Governed by high ranking pedophiles?

Publié: 26/11/2016 dans Pédocriminalité
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We haven’t heard about Jeffrey Epstein’s case in France. Cases involving politicians and celebrities are not to be mentioned in our country.

Let us examine the facts.

Jeffrey Epstein is a famous Wall Street mogul with many liberal friends – most of them part of the elite which can’t stop whining about Clinton’s new world order defeat. Jeffrey Epstein used his fortune to help his influential contacts. He offered gifts such as travels on his own jet and bunches of teen girls for sexual services. As a matter of fact, Epstein’s Boeing 727 was a flying brothel called “Lolita Express”. It was of special manufacture, with seats aboard but also a king size bed for group sex with prostituted teens, as the plane flew over world capitals.

Jeffrey Epstein not only abused young underage girls, but also pimped them out. FBI investigations reveal that about 40 teenagers from 12 to 16 were daily employed as prostitutes.

It is very rare that such a scandal is not hushed up and surely with such revelations as this, the big government system is in jeopardy. Also, nobody silenced Virgina Giuffre even by the usual terrible means (ask Hillary her method to silence witnesses !) Virginia disclosed she has been one of the Lolita express prostitutes since she was 15. She was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell, one of Epstein’s former girlfriends to be used as a “sex slave”. Sarah Kellen who was Epstein’s assistant, also got involved into recruiting young girls for sexual services. Pedophiles often pimp by women to win their victims trust.

Virginia Giuffre was the first to implicate former president Bill Clinton, as she mentioned she met him on the Lolita Express in 2002. We now know that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express 26 times from 2001 to 2003. Alan Dershowitz was also a prominent client, as witnessed by the flight logs.

After a justice deal, Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty. He only served 18 months in prison for soliciting a teenage girl for prostitution in 2008. But another woman testifies that she was raped more than 50 times by him, since the age of 13. She accused her rapist of ensnaring her and other teenagers in his trap by offering them jobs as models.

Russia Today wanted to know more on the Clintons’ involvement. The journalists discovered that last year when Hillary was working as Secretary of State, the pedophile Epstein transferred 3.5 millions dollars from a Swiss bank to the infamous Clinton Foundation. 

  1. TERRIOU Bruno dit :

    .En 2003 …Juan Miguel Petit, rapporteur spécial de l’Onu sur la vente, la prostitution et la pornographie impliquant des enfants, invite le gouvernement français, dans son rapport, à remettre à Interpol le CD-ROM contenant 8 000 images pornographiques appelé «Zandvoort », du nom d’une ville néerlandaise où il a été découvert. «Des parents français auraient vu des images de leurs enfants mais les autorités françaises ont daté ces images des années soixante-dix», note l’expert. Toutefois, ajoute-t-il, «certains parents ont fait valoir que certaines photos avaient été prises récemment ». M. Petit regrette que le CD-ROM «n’ait pas été officiellement présenté à Interpol (pour une comparaison avec des images connues conservées dans une base de données, ce qui aurait vraisemblablement permis d’établir la date de prise des photos ». Le rapport évoque par ailleurs la vente d’enfants où en France environ 3 000 enfants étrangers sont adoptés chaque année, et qui «ne semble pas touchée par le phénomène de la vente d’enfants à travers l’adoption », estime-t-il.

    Par contre, le rapporteur spécial salue les efforts du gouvernement français visant à s’abstenir de criminaliser les enfants prostitués en les mettant en détention..

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